Dexter Jackson's Simple and Effective Workout For Bigger Shoulders

Kevin Horton / M+F Magazine

Dexter “The Blade” Jackson turned pro by winning the light-heavyweight and overall at the 1998 North American Championships, and throughout his career, the 235-pounder has used his flawless proportions, shape, and otherworldly conditioning to overcome foes who routinely outweighed him by 40-plus pounds.

Recently turning 50, the 2008 Olympia winner continues to defy time. 

Jackson’s delts—capped to give the appearance of greater width in front and rear poses, with thickness to his anterior and posterior heads for greater depth in side poses—are riddled with striations that make it seem as if his skin has been peeled off.

His simple yet effective routine hits all three heads for complete development. Jackson normally trains delts once a week.


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